Liposhape pro

This non-invasive 30-minute treatment for face or body, treats cellulite, skin laxity and unwanted fat.

Targeted treatments, based on your body goals

This advanced treatment is a non-invasive solution to improve the appearance of cellulite and skin laxity as well as eliminate unwanted fat. It provides consistent results with zero downtime and can be used for the treatment of cellulite, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and fat reduction. It is the perfect treatment for body sculpting and skin tightening.

Your Infinity Aesthetic’s aesthetician will recommend the best course of treatment for you, based on your goals. 

The Liposhape Pro has four unique technologies

These technologies expertly work together and complement each other enhancing treatment outcomes, resulting in body sculpting and skin tightening. 

our treatments explained

Cellulite Concerns

Dealing with cellulite? You’re certainly not alone. It impacts roughly 80% of women aged 20 and above and can really affect how you feel about yourself. At Infinity Aesthetics, we completely understand the toll that cellulite can take on your self-assurance. That’s why we’re committed to offering an individualized and comprehensive cellulite treatment strategy that delivers the best possible outcomes.

During a no-cost consultation, we’ll evaluate the grade and type of cellulite that’s bothering you. Using this assessment, we’ll craft a personalized approach that combines state-of-the-art technologies and methods. Our cellulite treatment is designed to precisely target stubborn pockets of surplus fat that contribute to the uneven, dimpled appearance frequently found in areas like the hips, thighs and buttocks.

Our cellulite solution typically includes weekly sessions for optimal results. Most clients typically undergo 5-6 sessions, with suggested maintenance treatments every 12 weeks to maintain the results. With our cellulite treatment, you can revel in noticeably smoother and more toned skin for years ahead.

We recognise that factors like genetics, lifestyle decisions, and hormonal shifts can all contribute to cellulite development. This is why we personalize our cellulite treatment to meet your distinct requirements. Be assured that our cellulite therapy is secure, and any temporary side effects, such as momentary redness or numbness in the treated region, are minimal.

Don’t let cellulite hold back your confidence and beauty any further. Initiate your journey toward a cellulite-free future by scheduling a complimentary consultation today. Explore more about our efficient cellulite treatment strategy and be motivated by the remarkable results we’ve accomplished.

Cellulite FAQs:

What exactly is cellulite?

Cellulite refers to the accumulation of fat in pockets just beneath the surface of the skin. It’s commonly noticeable in regions like the thighs, hips, and buttocks, resulting in a dimpled appearance of the skin.

What’s the primary cause of cellulite?

Cellulite develops due to a combination of factors. As fat cells gather, they exert pressure against the skin, while strong connective tissue cords pull downward, leading to the characteristic dimpling. Hormonal elements and genetic influences also play a role in cellulite formation, impacting skin structure, texture, and body composition.

Am I a suitable candidate for cellulite treatment?

If you’re looking to enhance the appearance of cellulite, our cellulite treatment is a great option for you. We will evaluate your individual concerns and determine the most appropriate approach for your needs.

How many sessions of treatment will I require?

The number of sessions needed varies based on the extent of your cellulite and personal factors. This will be thoroughly discussed during your consultation. Typically, patients undergo weekly sessions to achieve the best outcomes. On average, a complete treatment plan includes around 5-6 sessions. Once you attain your desired results, the effects can last for years. Periodic maintenance treatments might be recommended to uphold the results.


Radio Frequency

Are you in search of a safe and effective treatment to combat signs of ageing? Your search ends with the Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening treatment available at Infinity Aesthetics! This exceptional non-invasive procedure presents the ultimate answer for elevating, firming, and rejuvenating your skin, all without resorting to surgical measures. What truly distinguishes RF from other non-surgical facelift options is its capacity to activate your skin’s innate collagen regeneration process, leading to visibly smoother, tighter, and more youthful skin.

As we age, our natural collagen synthesis diminishes, resulting in sagging, wrinkles, and a decrease in elasticity. Yet, with the most advanced RF technology accessible, you can replenish your skin’s collagen and tighten elastin fibers, effectively breathing new life into your skin in a durable manner. The process itself is soothing and painless. The RF device gently and gradually warms the deeper layers of your skin, sparking the creation of fresh collagen. The outcomes are truly exceptional, offering an entirely natural appearance that operates at a cellular level.

In reality, you might start observing noteworthy enhancements even after just one session. For the best effects, a personalized skin-tightening regimen, composed of up to six sessions, will be devised to cater to your specific requirements. As novel and healthier collagen takes shape, your skin will naturally become more taut, robust, and vibrant, displaying a smoother and more revitalized look. The icing on the cake? There’s no need for downtime, allowing you to resume your usual routines immediately.

Delay no further in revealing a more youthful rendition of yourself. Secure your consultation now and explore how Radio Frequency skin tightening can aid you in attaining a timeless and revitalized appearance.

Radio Frequency (RF) FAQs:

What exactly is radio frequency?

Radio frequency employs low-frequency electromagnetic waves to generate safe heat levels. This heat penetrates deeply into your skin layers, triggering the production of new skin cells. Furthermore, it stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, boosting your skin’s resilience and flexibility. This process aids in restoring firmness and addressing sagging.

Why does skin lose its elasticity and sag?

Numerous factors, including natural aging, sun exposure, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy, contribute to the reduction of skin elasticity and the onset of sagging. Even with a healthy lifestyle and limited sun exposure, the skin inevitably undergoes transformations over time.

When can I anticipate results?

Many individuals notice visible enhancements even following just one session of radio frequency treatment. As time passes, the outcomes become more evident due to the cumulative impact of the treatment. The result is entirely natural-looking, delivering enduring effects that go beyond surface-level changes.

How many sessions will I require?

While you might see initial progress after a single session, the most optimal results generally arise from a series of treatments. On average, a regimen of 2-6 sessions is recommended to maximize the advantages of radio frequency treatment. Each session builds upon the previous ones, amplifying the overall effect.


Non-Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift

Now you can achieve the perfect buttocks without the need for surgery, exorbitant expenses, or prolonged recovery periods. Our ground breaking Non-Invasive Brazilian Bum Lift treatment delivers instant results and stands as the most effective non-surgical option available. With individualized treatment strategies crafted to align precisely with your unique goals, we employ scientifically validated technology to elevate, firm, and sculpt your buttocks. This treatment simultaneously targets cellulite and tightens lax skin, bidding farewell to discomfort and embracing remarkable results through our non-intrusive approach.

Our Non-Invasive Brazilian Bum Lift treatment ingeniously blends ultrasound cavitation, radio frequency, and vacuum therapy to present a holistic array of advantages. From enhancing skin tautness to diminishing cellulite and eradicating undesirable fat cells, our advanced methods ensure a pleasant and satisfying experience for our valued clients.

Observable changes often emerge following just one session, and we recommend a series of 3-6 sessions to achieve the pinnacle of outcomes. By also stimulating your body’s inherent collagen production, our treatment not only ushers in conspicuous transformations but also yields a naturally appealing outcome. To uphold your achieved results, we recommend scheduling a maintenance session every 4-6 weeks.

At Infinity Aesthetics, our utmost priority is to offer secure and effective treatments devoid of downtime, enabling you to swiftly resume your daily routines after each session.

If your aspirations involve enhancing the allure of your buttocks and upper thighs without resorting to surgery, our Non-Invasive Brazilian Bum Lift treatment stands as the optimal solution. Whether your goal is to add volume and contour or achieve a butt lift of up to 70%, our scientifically validated technology and tailor-made treatment strategies are poised to revolutionize your physique and elevate your self-assurance.

Brazilian Bum Lift FAQs:

Who is a candidate for the Non-Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift?

The non-surgical Brazilian bum lift stands as an excellent choice for those wishing to enhance their buttocks and thighs without resorting to surgery. Whether you’re dissatisfied with loose skin, aiming to add volume and shape, or simply seeking to sculpt and refine your curves, this treatment provides a non-intrusive and efficient solution. It’s an appropriate option for individuals who possess practical expectations and are dedicated to upholding a healthy lifestyle.

Is the Non-Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift uncomfortable?

Absolutely not, the non-surgical Brazilian bum lift is virtually devoid of discomfort. Numerous clients find the experience to be calming and almost therapeutic, akin to a gentle massage. Throughout the procedure, you might sense a warm feeling from the radio frequency energy and a mild suction effect from the vacuum therapy, but overall, it’s generally well-tolerated and comfortable. Our extensively trained professionals place your comfort at the forefront throughout the entirety of the treatment process.

When will I see results from the Non-Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift?

The results of the non-surgical Brazilian bum lift can differ based on individual factors like the initial state of your buttocks, the desired level of enhancement, and the number of treatments received. Certain clients notice immediate enhancements in the shape, firmness, and contour of their buttocks even after just one session. However, for the best and enduring outcomes, our usual recommendation is a series of 3-6 treatments. As the treatment progresses, the effects become more noticeable, and you can anticipate significant improvements in the lifted appearance and overall smoothness of your buttocks.

How long do the results of the Non-Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift last?

The duration of results from the non-surgical Brazilian bum lift can vary based on aspects such as individual lifestyle, genetics, and the aging process. While the treatment yields long-standing enhancements, it’s crucial to sustain a healthy way of life, which encompasses regular exercise and a balanced diet, in order to maintain the achieved results. By adhering to these principles and arranging for occasional maintenance sessions when necessary, you can relish the advantages of lifted, toned, and sculpted buttocks for an extended period. Remember that considerable weight gain might lead to the development of new fat cells, potentially influencing the appearance of your buttocks.

Do the Non-Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift procedures entail any risks or side effects?

The non-surgical Brazilian bum lift is a secure and non-invasive procedure that comes with minimal risks and side effects. Some individuals might experience transient redness, slight bruising, or sensitivity in the treated area, typically subsiding within hours to a few days. It’s crucial to select a reputable and seasoned practitioner who will adequately evaluate your suitability for the treatment and equip you with appropriate post-care instructions. By adhering to these directives and openly discussing any concerns with your provider, you can mitigate risks and ensure a positive treatment experience.


Finally, we have a safe, pain free solution to body sculpting and removing stubborn diet resistant fat. This technology safely and effectively breaks down fat cells by creating a formation of bubbles in between the cells which implode by the action of a low frequency ultrasound. This creates shock waves that selectively damage the membranes of the adipocytes (fat cells) spilling the liquid fat into the lymphatic system and finally to the liver to be metabolised!

Body areas that we can treat are abdomen, waistline, hips, backs of arms, back thigh, inner thigh and front thigh.

Ultrasound Cavitation

Fed up with stubborn fat that won’t budge? Discover the groundbreaking Ultrasound Cavitation treatment, your ultimate solution. This state-of-the-art procedure provides a safe and painless alternative to liposuction, delivering remarkable results without the need for expensive, uncomfortable surgery or extended recovery periods. Through the utilization of scientifically verified low-frequency sound waves, we can effectively target and safely disintegrate fat cells in trouble areas such as the abdomen, arms, thighs, and buttocks.

Throughout the treatment, a protective ultrasound gel is applied to the targeted region, ensuring the skin’s safety while enabling the ultrasound waves to penetrate the fatty deposits. The cavitation applicator is then gently massaged over the area, producing a gentle warmth accompanied by a low-frequency hum that poses no harm and dissipates once the applicator is removed.

With every session, you’ll experience a noticeable decrease in circumference and enhanced body contour, often witnessing significant improvements in just a matter of days. What makes this treatment exceptional is that the fat cells are naturally flushed out by your lymphatic system, leaving you with a more slender and toned physique.

Reinvent your body, elevate your self-assurance, and bid farewell to unwanted fat and cellulite. Encounter our secure, painless, and immensely effective Ultrasound Cavitation treatment. By utilizing low-frequency sound waves, we accurately pinpoint and liquefy fat cells, enabling your body’s lymphatic system to naturally eliminate them.

Combine the results with a wholesome diet and exercise for permanent effects, and rest easy knowing there are no worrisome side effects. There’s no need to wait any longer to embark on the journey toward a more assured version of yourself. Secure your Ultrasound Cavitation session today and take that first step toward a transformed body and enhanced self-assurance.

Ultrasound Cavitation FAQs:

What exactly is ultrasound cavitation?

Ultrasound cavitation is a non-invasive treatment that employs low-frequency waves to disintegrate fat cells. These disintegrated fat cells are naturally absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system.

When will I start noticing results?

Numerous clients observe noticeable enhancements even after a single session, and the transformative effects continue to improve with each subsequent treatment. Over the recommended course of 4-10 sessions, it’s common to witness a noteworthy reduction in fat layer thickness, often quantified in centimetres.

How enduring are the results?

Maintaining enduring outcomes requires adopting a balanced and healthy diet. With responsible lifestyle choices, the results of ultrasound cavitation can indeed be permanent. However, it’s crucial to recognize that unhealthy eating patterns and weight gain can lead to the build up of new fat cells.

Is ultrasound cavitation a painful procedure?

No, ultrasound cavitation is a painless procedure. While you might experience a slight ringing sensation in your ears due to the low-frequency ultrasound waves, be assured that it is harmless and discomfort-free. The ringing sensation dissipates as soon as you are no longer in contact with the transducers.